The workgroup name must be the same for all of the computers on your network with which you want to share information. The next screen explains briefly what is going to happen. Driver Disk The driver installation media EtherCD is provided by 3Com and is required if the drivers are not native to Windows NT or if you want to install the latest drivers. TXT – Installation guide v5. If this happens, you must reboot Windows in Safe Mode to recover.

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Before you can share resources on your computer, you need to add 3c95tx and print sharing capabilities to your network configuration. Installing the Server Driver into a NetWare 5. Options The driver supports the following options: This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This file is an example of a Domain configuration.

This lowers the cost of networking. EXE program for Windows 98, which is contained in the source location of the Windows 98 files and can be accessed across the network. It is assumed that Windows for Workgroups has already been installed on your PC. See the user guide for instructions. The installation process assumes that the installation is being done on a clean DOS system. When the installation is complete, an update dialog box appears. Click Remove Diagnostic to just remove the windows diagnostic program.


You can decide what to make available to other users. These failures can be avoided by using a loopback plug or editiob connecting to an inactive network on which only the computer being tested is operating. The Answer File usually resides in the shared directory with the Windows NT source files or is contained on the boot diskette.

TXT – Software Compatibility guide v5.

DOS driver and you are installing from diskette, insert the 3Com EtherDisk diskette 2 in the floppy drive. When the installation is complete, you are prompted to reboot the PC.

N ] Command line configuration parameters are used to configure the NIC using only uome option settings you specify. To install the network driver only, click Install without Diagnostic Program.

This file describes these services. Boot the server and launch the Install program. HELP Displays general or command-specific help information.

Download 3Com EtherLink XL 10/ PCI NIC (3CTX)

The parameters below are all optional. Remove the EtherDisk from the floppy drive, and then shut down and restart the PC. TXT – NetWare 5. Click the OK button.


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Click the Adapters tab. The possible symptoms include a locked mouse pointer, steady hourglass, or the inability to execute any programs.

Thanks for marking this as the answer. Select the folder and click the right mouse button. Go to the beginning of the First Hoje Installation section above. Ask your system administrator for the location of this Novell installation utility.

There are no parameters associated with the LIST command keyword.


Select Search for the best driver for your device Recommendedand then click Next. TXT – Advanced Configuration v5. Save the changes, exit the Setup program, and continue with the installation.