Also unique was the side decal and rear badging “3. All models were fitted with double wishbone suspension front and rear. Salvage History Reported 0. Retrieved 17 July Front speakers were changed from 3. The difference in wheel size was to accommodate the larger brakes equipped as standard onto the turbo model, but in Japan were optional extras.

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At 4, rpm, 200 second turbo’s output is used to augment the first turbo’s output. Retrieved 4 November Toyota in would switch to racing the Corolla Levin instead in the lower tier divisions, while many privateer teams soldiered on with the Supra until Group A racing’s final demise in Climate control was also standard on all turbo equipped vehicles, and leather interior was only available on the GT Turbo Limited.

Toyota Supra in motorsport.

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The mid changes for the model year US version were mostly cosmetic. Although gear ratios changed throughout the years, all 56usbal came standard with a limited slip differential.

The P-type did not get the option of a leather interior until Both models had a space saver spare tire on a steel rim to save both space and weight.


The L-types of this year were not available with a leather interior, but P-types were. European versions of the car also had an air intake or scoop on the hood. Retrieved 7 November As for standard features, in the center console there was 556usbsl extendable map light and a flip-top armrest, which provided storage. Includes Listings Without Available Pricing.

Since my last visit about a second ago 0. It debuted at the March Geneva Motor Show. You might be interested in these listings for similar cars.

That logo, in turn, was on Supras until when Toyota switched to its current oval company logo. All four generations of Supra produced have an inline 6-cylinder engine. Retrieved 8 March Along with this name and car Toyota also included its own logo for the Supra. Toyota added a standard factory theft deterrent system and the outside mirrors were equipped with a defogger that activated with the rear defroster.

SM56USB – DIAMOND SupraMax External USB 56K Modem

The turbo versions included the more robust R manual transmission. The turbocharged 7M-GTE engine was Toyota’s first distributor-less 56usbsk offered in the US which used coil packs sitting on the cam covers and a cam position sensor driven by the exhaust camshaft.

The Supra has appeared in numerous video games, movies, music videos and TV shows. The naturally aspirated came as standard issue with the W58 manual transmission.


supa Also on the outside the tail-lights were redesigned and the hatch received a billboard “Supra” sticker instead of the smaller sticker, which was previously positioned on the right. Retrieved from ” https: These sunroofs are now highly sought after and rare since the they were introduced in the ending years of this generation Supra.

July — December [14]. Retrieved 10 August They helped us complete the sale procedure quickly and efficiently. The changes made to the cross member and mounts made to 56usbdl the 1JZ engine for Japan models. Still being based around the Celica platform, there were several key differences, most notably the design of the front end and fully retractable pop-up headlights.

Interior choices were limited to blue and burgundy only.

Some interior controls such as the steering wheel, cruise control, and door lock switch were redesigned.