OK Attack -1 psk: If anyone else has better success with the NHR, please post your results. Last edited by bigstape on Mon Mar 18, 2: Can anyone help me? What i get from aireplay-ng -9 -i: No registered users and 4 guests. I am running ubuntu and all I want to do is increase tx-power to 33 dbm or at least

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I drove all three cards over the same route. Hmmm, it seems Netstumbler hasn’t been updated since It works out of the box. Related Posts November 26, What adapter card did you bought?

Did I make a mistake buying the Alfa AWUSNHR? : backtrack

Hey back2basic I am running ubuntu and all I want to do is increase tx-power to 33 dbm or at least I left the built-in card on the EeePC running also, but since it’s down in the body of the car, I don’t think it will effect the results very much. Hey, its working out of the box with bt5 r2: Learn how your comment data is processed. I spent some time trying to compile the drivers, without success. Unless someone wants to give me a free, working NHR.


Teach a man to fish, and eventually you will run out of fish. This would be a great card if it could only connect to AP properly. Any chance you could remake this guide for BT5 R3? Bloge by Canyon Themes. I should get a multitester and see what the voltage difference is. The place I buy from ranks the H model ahead of the others in terms of range http: Hello there, thanks for this great tutorial, i started to become mad trying to connect my nhr.

I currently run with 3 Hs, a NH, and a I used 2 different computers to run my tests, a netbook and a laptop.

Could u possibly update it for the awusnhr v. However, these are usually a single packet, so I’m not sure whether this is due to channel-hopping at high speed, or detection of exclusively “N” APs. Since I already have one, I’m going to try to get them to send me an NHA instead, so I can have a complete test run of the series.

I bought this adapter specifically for monitor mode, and as yet have been unable to achieve it. I’m looking forward to putting that card into the mix.


So, it looks like my review of the NHR will have to stand as-is. Posted on February 5, February 26, by back2basic. Let me know if the exchanged card is any diiferent.

Test results are in a post below dated March 17, I bought mine here http: I normally only use it to monitor networks. First off, thanks for the great tut.

ALFA AWUS036H Wireless Adapter Configuration on Backtrack 5

Google has failed me. Oh btw im using my alfa awus nhr on Backtrack 5 R2 updated Is there possibly a new driver i cant find?

Skip to content Toggle navigation. Apparently the sources available are for kernels older than the 3.