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May 3rd, 7. Even old versions of Kali Linux have baked-in drivers for both of these adapters and many others. You dismissed this ad. Where does the ”Kali” come from in “Kali Linux”?

ALFA Network AWUSNH – WikiDevi

Yes I have tried those drivers and awud036nh happened. Okay, I tried both drivers. Still have a question? I just want to make sure that wouldn’t interfere with their connectivity first. I switched back to the other cable and realized it wasn’t all the way in the whole time What should I be seeing?

The second column shows AP power in dB. May 3rd, 8. Given that you’re running Kali Linux through a virtual machine, this is a driver issue with Windows.


APs closest to us will have higher numbers, and APs that are further away will have lower numbers. Help installing the driver for Alfa awusNH Thanks for the suggestions, but before I try them out, do you know if such changes would affect other devices running windows on the network? Running iwconfig with no parameters will show us all of our network interfaces.


The time now is If you encounter issues later, then running the airmon-ng check kill command may be required, though running that command will kill several processes.

This was my problem, and luckily some skilled driver programmers had already done the work for me, and created a version of the driver for my wireless card that works with Linux.

ALFA Network AWUS036NH

The link is here: I don’t care as much about messing up on the yoga. I’m just a Sophomore in college, I’m not quite on my own just yet, and everyone else in the house runs windows. If so, linuxx and connect to a wireless network using it, from Windows. I used the cable they provided but apparently it doesn’t work. No I haven’t but I’ll try it! You can try this: I think I networo have the cable plugged in all the way See Kali forums for more info.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I tried dual booting Linux and Windows on my hp envy 15 nr years ago and messed up so I have been hesitant to do something like that on my desktop, though I recently had to reinstall Windows on my ssd and all my data was backed up and fine.


Also as a side note, before I ever ran those modprobe commands for ipw, I opened up my laptop this morning and it managed to connect perfectly using the centrino.

It’s not showing up in devices Edit: I have no idea how that even works so I have to stick with a really short cable for now. What can I do with Kali Linux? I ask this because it’s actually not my house, it’s my dad’s house.