I would love to trade you for that mobo. Find all posts by davecool. Recently, some posts say that the KT and KTa chipsets also work. I wish I would have been able to cut you off the pass before purchasing the A7A. Send a private message to JPS. Get Pro Tools working, then add the other cards back in. I tested in early spring and got very poor results.

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Dave, If your anywhere near San Jose, drop by my house and we’ll see if I can’t make it work! This is considered one of the forbidden “mixed chipsets” on the Digi known incompatibility list. I would love to trade you for that mobo.

You will not go wrong with these motherboards that I mentioned. So, you can keep trying, or get another motherboard. Personally, I have no idea what they are talking about. Is my Asus A7A the Problem??? Hey everyone, I’m having problems getting Pro Tools to load.

Asus a7a switch to a7v Send a private message to JPS. Thats bad news, because several people previous to you have tried this motherboard and all have failed to get their systems up and running.


But these chipsets are also currently not supported by Digi. Recently, some posts say that the KT and KTa chipsets also work. Find all posts by davecool.

Asus A7A266, AMD (A7A226) Motherboard

Find all posts by Drastikpup1. The time now is I have never seen a post were the AMD chipset would not boot.

But it wasn’t worth the wasted week of my time tinkering with it when I knew I could grab something else that’s been proven to work in less than 10 minutes. Your kind of out of luck with this motherboard. How does that hook into your system? I hope this helps Justin L.

ASUS A7A – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – ALiMAGiK 1 Overview – CNET

I may have to look into this A7VE board. So I sounc I’m going to try and exchange for the A7M and see what happens. Here’s my set up: Send a private message to Drastikpup1. I guess you wouldn’t happen to know anyone looking for a brand new A7A board would you? If you set it up right you will never have any issues with these motherboards using AMD.


Hey Mark, Man, thanks for the offer, but I’m all the way up in Canada. And the new A7V One of the most important elements in a motherboard to be used for recording is the chipset. Digi recommends Intel chipsets or the KTa for Athlons.

Send a private message to davecool. This was last spring and am sure they’ve had updates and some gotten it to work.

VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

I get the same message. Dave, Periodically I’ll see this message when I forget to turn off a piece of software. At the point in the process where this is message is coming up, Pro Tools simply can’t get access to the PCI card.