Find More Posts by bizoo. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Operation not permitted dmesg from both client and AP side shows no strange messages. For this, we will be using hostapd for access point management, which supports various encryption and authentication schemes, including common schemes like WPA, WPA2 and EAP. The sta can associate to AP but no ping messages are sent. It is just as a reference to be able to see the improvements made with help from TheFu. October 26th, 5.

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This is highly dangerous, especially when running ah5k as root. I appropriately chose the subnet masks and gateways to support a wlan connection and my routing tables are also properly configured got it confirmed from our netwtork admin. It is important that your current kernel has the following drivers as modules and NOT built in: The time now is Contents for a simple open network could be:.

linux – hostapd, ath5k, nl – how to get it working? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

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Thanks a ton for your help TheFu! October 23rd, 1.

Creating an Access Point Interface with the ath5k driver (using hostapd)

As my signature says, I’ve only been around on Linux since April, so I’m still relatively new myself. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.


For those who didn’t know, I used to have a setup that included an Atheros-based Access Point using Debian and madwifi’s driver, which actually worked pretty good. Powered by Trac 0. October 23rd, 3.

An example could be iface wlan0 inet static address Download, build and install hostapd as described on: Find this block of code: You need to have 2 interfaces, one which accesses the net e. Contents for a simple open network could be: For this, we will be using hostapd for access point management, which supports various encryption and authentication schemes, including common schemes like WPA, WPA2 and EAP.

Uostapd more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. If i send a ping message from sta, it shows unsuccessful pings while from AP side,upon pinging the sta, i get message that ping: What hosttapd could be improved?

There are lots of issues in those steps, the script, and the crontabs. I understand you just want to make it easier for the next person to find a solution that works. Both my compat wireless code and hostapd code are from latest hostapv and after following the instructions i hostappd to set up an AP with nl and for the sake of simplicity, i turned off key encryption.


Now try to connect via your device to this access point. The differenced between this driver arh5k madwifi is that it is free as in free speechbecause it doesn’t have the proprietary Hardware Abstraction Layer that madwifi has the reason why it was kept at the non-free repositories in Debianso even at5k I could still compile madwifi’s source code for my own setup, I prefer to spend some time finding how to free my wireless setup so that this can help people out there in the same situation or give them a reason and an easy way to change.

Did you test this on Ubuntu server? Compat-wireless requires a 2. An example could be.

Ath5k AP Mode | Insignificant Bits

In any case if you shutdown hostapd, the network interface wlan0 loses its address, tah5k need to put a script which assigns it again before hostapd is started. If all went well, you’ll see something like:. This will create an access point using the default SSID ‘test’.

Use at your own risk.

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