Intel P4 , 2. Table 3 – Slide the disk carrier tray out the front of the chassis. Removing the Expansion Sl Turn off the server and unplug the power cord from the receptacle. Standard Floppy Drive Component Class: It is off if power is not applied to the server.

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Deleted arrays cannot be restored.

Otherwise, wear an antistatic wrist strap attached to chassis ground. Page Eg User Guide – Glossary jumper A small electrical connector used for configuration on some computer hardware. Do not place anything on the floppy disk. Fixed Disk Drive 23 Chapter 2. If you click [Cancel], erhernet the input value will be deleted.

None Chapter 2. Installing an Option Boar Process that continues automatically: Installing Esmpro This function is not yet supported. Enabling the Supervisor Password field requires a pass- word for entering Setup. Start the Express Setup. If the system is in sleep state, pressing the power button momentarily brings the system out of the sleep state.


Follow the message to continue the installation.

Intel Gigabit Ethernet Controller Motherboard: Server 91 Chapter 2. Attaching the Device Mount To ensure the extra-low voltage integrity of the equipment, connect only equipment with mains-protected electri- cally-compatible circuits to the external ports.

Caution Cautions indicate situations that can damage the system hard- ware or software. G-6 Hard Disk Drives Fail- ure to follow these instructions may result in death or serious personal injury.

NEC Express 5800 120Eg User Manual

Securing a Removable Media Compatible 49 Chapter 2. Network board should not be used. For the transfer rate, see the manual provided with the file device.

The device is not required to be bootable or available during install. Power off the peripheral devices. IBM eServer xseries Model: Remove the option board from its protective wrapper, holding the board only by the edges.

Adjust the air duct until the frame A of the right end of the duct is aligned with the hook B on the chassis. Available stripe sizes are 16, 32, and 64 KB default.


The information included in the other partition will be retained. Use the checklist below to try and correct the situation.

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Make sure that the hooks C on the side cover are inserted into the frame D and holes B of the server securely. Installing the Carrier into the Bay” on page Pressing the assigned key along with Expess and Alt invoke secure mode. Never attempt to disassemble, repair, or alter the server on any occasion other than described in this manual.