The CLE is quite well supported: The Unichrome Pro group B chips are very similar in support level to the KM, except that for these chips the hardware mpeg2 decoder is supported and is running quite nicely. Intel Corporation device c: Changed 5 months ago by roiredxsoto. Replying to Fredrik Holmqvist:. Oldest first Newest first Threaded. Clicking on the “Power off” option in the Haiku menu shuts down all running processes, then mouse pointer stays locked with the “shutdown” window on the blue background.

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VIA VN800 graphic drivers for Microsoft Windows XP 32bit (10 files)

For the other chips we don’t have any reports. Powered by Trac 1. Much of the shutdown problem is really some hard intercpu communication problem that I have to work around so if someone could help on that it might be easier. There is support for the vt tv encoder present on the CN, but support is not complete for the vt HDTV encoder present on some Commel motherboards.

You will need Mesa 6. Again, the maximum image size of the mpeg2 decoder is x What hardware is this on? It is clearly an issue with old machines that have c7n00/vn800 ACPI implementations.


It sometimes creates a hard lock when disabling the other cpus on all hardware. From syslog it seems likely to that something else is hanging the shutdown, looks like it could be whatever graphkcs.

The KM is also quite well supported. Please don’t duplicate this issue yet though.

This notebook had a very limited BIOS information. For Unichrome Pro laptops the driver automatically activates VBE modes to make the panel work, and you will thus be restricted to the BIOS modes when you are using the panel with these computers.

The maximum image size of the mpeg2 decoder is x, so don’t try to use HDTV with this chip.

VIA CN700, VN800 Display Driver 20.00.02s

Intel Corporation device Download in other formats: Intel Corporation device e: Replying to Fredrik Holmqvist:. I have this shutdown issue on my Asus Eee Pc in hrev WiFi Link bash: Qualcomm Atheros device c: Making these old computers to shutdown properly needs a labor of love from someone.

I’m glad that you understand how complicated this is. Qualcomm Atheros device Grapjics, some KMs suffer from broken display interrupt hardware and the kernel will turn off the display interrupt shortly after it is enabled. Support for mpeg4 acceleration with xine is underway.


VIA Technologies Inc Video Drivers | DriverZone

Ok, i don’t mind either way,i have already submitted the output of listdev in comment: Last edited 12 months ago by khallebal previous diff. Changed 12 months ago by khallebal. Opened 12 months ago Last modified 2 months ago.

Visit the Haiku project at https: From there I need to figure out if it really is the ACPI shutdown or a badly written driver or app that is the real problem. Clicking on the “Power off” option in the Haiku menu shuts down all running processes, then mouse pointer stays locked with the “shutdown” window on the blue background. Most likely, this old cn700/vh800 needs a substitute. All OpenGL applications runs with software rendering mode please see http: