It will include both letters and numbers. Your practice can create custom medication entries to make it easier to find and prescribe non-standard prescriptions or instructions, such as the “magic mouthwash” compound, a particular piece of medical equipment or supply, or your practice’s preferred albuterol inhaler dosing. If you are unsure of the credential requirement for the application you are accessing, please contact Exostar Customer Support. Click Make a Payment. Complete the in-person proofing process. You should complete this process immediately, as your ID proofing has a time limit.

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Purchase – PIM

Additionally, they can purchase renewals for any user associated with their organization. Created by Dee Evanslast modified on Nov 12, If you lose your token, this phone number will be used for identification. What About Step 1?: You are prompted again for your token password.

During the EPCS registration process, you can download and install the software on your phone or watch.

Insert the token into your computer and install software components. Clamshell Phone, Dislike Text Message?: Special medication history features and tools make prescribing faster. At the time of in-person proofing appointment, the proofer provided you a exosrar.


However, learning a new tool takes time! You can save time when you search for a drug in PCC eRx by creating search short cuts, hiding unused drugs and dosing statements, and following some best practices when you search.

The next steps is up to them.

Billing and Support

You are almost finished. About Billing and Support The Exostar Billing and Support Center is used to complete a variety of tasks including paying invoices, purchasing renewals, viewing SCP transactions, managing license keys, open support cases, and more.

Phone OTP allows you to register your exotar telephone or land-line telephone to receive one-time passwords via text or voice.

If you completed the initial password exosfar process for your token, plug the token into your USB drive.

When the above steps are complete, the physician is immediately authorized to prescribe tokeb substances. Activate Other Tokens the Soft Token. During the purchase process, you are required to select the partner that you are doing business with.

You can use the instructions below instead, but you may find the details from Exostar useful. Pages MyExostar Home Applications.

If your passcode is correct, a list of certificates to download displays. They will need to complete the steps in the procedure above before you can proceed.


One Time Password (OTP)

Install the token PKI Client middleware on your machine. Acceptable credentials will display for purchase.

When you insert your token for the first time, it may install USB-related software, and request you restart your computer. Powered by Atlassian Confluence exostaar. Manage License Keys Exostar issues license keys when users complete full payment for the purchase of their OTP products.

Once you complete this, please follow the steps below:. Next, ExoStar will ask you to enter your mobile phone information. Upon completion, you receive an order confirmation and receipt exoatar email. Created by Tooken Evanslast modified on Sep 25, The Authy application will walk you through entering identification information to use it as a software token. Use the Rx Queue to sign prescriptions and approve renewal requests that are waiting for review.

Once you complete this, please follow the steps below: Enter the passcode provided to you by your proofing agent during your in-person proofing appointment.