Now I need to get in touch with them. I didnt find any driver for it. View all posts by Michael Visser. Joseph, I installed this drivers on my Windows 10 Pro x64 without any problems. Between each driver install restart your computer and try again. I just bought this so I could convert the last of my camcorder videos to digital files.

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However, the driver that I purchased with this package does not work as Windows 8. If nothing helps, just update to Windows 10, for me it works flawlessly with it.

Download VLC from here: All of this positive feedback stops when you connect it to a Windows machine — XP, 7, 8, 8. More video input choice: Guaranteed Delivery see all.

For anyone eacap may be interested, my hardware ID was:. It not only helped me so much but also saved me from a big disaster.

EzTV USB DVB-T Stick with FM – ezcap|ezcap HD Video Capture|ezcap Cassette to MP3

I installed the easycap 4ch ezcapp. Nothing has worked for me on Windows 8. I have put this file into my drivers folder to save for any future installs of this card.


Will this allow me edit the files previously digitized. Hi — I have Windows 10 and a black dongle labeled EasyCap. Thanks for the driver list. Hi Renate, I have this same issue. I know this is not your line of question. I have a 4ch usb dvr device. Photos are taken by me with Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, no stock photos used. Send it back to eBay. I have mine working in i.

Is it in the Post or in the Comments? Although I did have such a cable in my box of spare TV cables in the garage.

Video tapes to DVD converter. I have installed the exe. I have read from other sights that Easier Cap DC usbtv does not work correctly with anything above windows Upload videos direct to YouTube in p HD. Really a pain in the ass. Tuneg my disc is broken. It is asking me for my product key.

EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, and 10 | Visser I/O

If you don’t know which kernel you’re running, you can find out with. Thanks so much for your comment! Driver is not intended for this tujer. I change with a new one and now I started to convert my video again perfectly. April windows 10 update seems to have broken it for me.


EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

Right clicking on my device in Device Manager, and selecting Properties, then the Details tab, then click the Properties item at top, and selecting Device instance path, my device shows:. I suspect it is working but … What audio recording software does it work with?

There are a number of linux programs that can be used but most of them run from the command line.