Almost all the USB modems have a modem port. Start your browser and enter the following URL:. Each USB interface under a USB configuration may have multiple alternative interface descriptors, but only one is active. Your question falls outside the areas our community decided are on topic. If you do not see the login page due to an SSL cipher error during the connection, and you are connecting to the trial license of FortiWeb -VM or a LENC version of FortiWeb , then your browser must be configured to accept encryption of bit strength or less during the handshake. Configurations under this mode are sent to modems with Ethernet-like backend interfaces.

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There are two parts of hardware: From Connection typeselect SSH. Apparently, the 15 second window to enter the credentials runs out before the access to the CLI returns.

Until the FortiWeb appliance is configured with an IP address and connected to your network, you may prefer to connect the FortiWeb appliance directly to your management computer, or through a switch, in a peer network that is isolated from your overall network.

Configuring Modems on the FortiGate – Fortinet Cookbook

You ask the network admins to give you an admin account so that you can reset the password. Configurations under this mode are sent to modems with Ethernet-like backend interfaces.

Since some of the modem users might not have a preexisting Internet connection otherwise why would they want a USB modem? Please visit the help center for more details.


You cannot log in until you accept the key.

Type admin then press Enter twice. Do you mean you can’t reboot the device? At least it is a compact form of USB device. Check the LTE modem configuration again, to see isb the FortiGate is now using the new modem port that you switched it to, Port 3, instead of the default Port 0.

Using the USB MGMT Console port

Because of the limitation in those models there has been some concern about how to manage certain scenarios with the USB MGMT Console port only models:. Or you only want to prevent loss of configuration?

However, isolation is not required. In these cases, you must initially connect your computer directly to FortiWebusing the default settings.

Configuring Modems on the FortiGate

There is no indicator of when your time runs out so it is possible that it might take more than one attempt to succeed. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

A standard eject equals to send two messages into the modem, and these messages are: In its default state, there is no password for the admin account.

We can still have multiple USB modems running at the same time, as long as only one modem running the protocols is present, and the other modems are PPP modems. I tried several times to enter the credentials, but the resulting message was always:. You need to enter the following:.


By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of these cookies. In the Category tree on the left, go to Session not the sub-node, Logging and from Connection typeselect Serial. Contact Fortifate Technical Documentation at techdoc fortinet.

Press the Enter key to use the default address shown or enter the IP address of the computer. Skip to content Share this post: Do some research before asking please.

Using the USB MGMT Console port – Fortinet Cookbook

It has been a standard PC interface for so long fotrigate when we pair a wireless modem with a USB interface, it becomes a peripheral which can be easily used on all PCs with a USB interface. If your management computer is directly connected to the FortiWeb appliance with no network hosts between them, this is normal.

It is a temporary address only usg will not be held past the next reboot. As soon as this message appears, follow the instructions.

This IP address refers to the FortiGate unit. In the Name field, type adminthen click Login. This is to protect the appliance from brute force login attacks.