Noticed the dial has wear in areas. A detail from a ad showing a man’s model, the Curvex Governor, and a woman’s model, the Curvex Queen. A small stain on the band. Posts Likes Hardest-hit were companies which had failed to move into the wristwatch market, like Howard, Hampden and South Bend, all three of which folded during this time. The main difference between the two models is that the Curvex Lord has a decorative pattern of parallel lines on its case. The watch looks good overall.

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The Curvex “your curved wrist deserves the world’s only truly curved watch”. I just won my first vintage eBay auction with a Gruen Curvex. A small stain on the band. Compare guren cal Curvex! The Curvex, for both men and women, was Gruen’s flagship product from the mid s until the late s. This dial has large gold hour numbers and s Were the movements problematic?


Gruen Curvex 14k | eBay

Another model, the Curvex Admiral, has a plain, undecorated case. Gruen Curvex Watch. February 13th, 9. Be sure to read the information carefully.

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To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. The Fraternity is often described as the “angel wing” driver’s watch Only the Fraternity and one other very similar model have hinged lugs. Vintage Gruen Curvex Cal. The shape of movement, dial and case is designed to present a very thin edge when viewed at an angle, and to disguise the fact that the watch is thicker in the center.

The dial is a little faded. When a Gruen Curvex is not.

Gruen Curvex

Ads show many Ristside models on a scissors-type expansion bracelet. Regards from Sunny San Diego The Curvex isn’t a poor vintage choice at all. Show original text Show furvex. Last edited by artb; February 10th, at Number of currvex and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.


Be sure to read the information carefully. Because young people starting their adult lives could use a good watch, but could seldom afford one, a watch was the traditional gift from parents to children at graduation.

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The rest are gold dots. I’m not sure why. Prior to the Curvex, Gruen made other curved wristwatches, many using long, thin movements like calibre The width of the case, excluding the crown is 23mm.

Separate names with a comma. Gruen Curvex 14k Refine Results. The diamonds on the watch are factory s The last models were made around