And reproduces even 20kHz or more. However, I feel that the crossover point is too high and there seems to be a “hole” in the to Hz range. Can you provide more information on the subject since I had initally considered trying the A for this project. So, from our sitting position on the sofa, the lens shifted down would put the signal at just about knee level, shifting it up puts it close to chin level. It appears that a 1K Hz crossover point would be much more suitable.

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Speaker Drivers & Horns – Jbl

Typically it is only a couple of CD horns are out of question. Replacement diaphragm for JBL, J 8 ubl. I will even include both sets of original matching screws to mount the horns.

China 2 Pcs These ‘s are in great overall condition and proper working order DCR 6. Does the orientation affect the sound?

Pair JBL 2420 Replacement Diaphragms OEM D16R2420 Original Vintage Le85 Horn

Please contact me if you are bidding from outside the continental U. And reproduces even 20kHz or more. There is a constant string of newer 1. We try our hardest to give 5-Star Service by giving Clear.


I cannot tell any differrence in sound quality between the two versions of s but I prefer the first version for their horb. If Mbl order and payment is on a weekend, holiday or anytime when our post office is closed, Your item or items will be shipped the next business day they are open. Originally Posted by wlk. If you intend to persue this route, it would be my suggestion to bread-board the crossover with some extra caps and resistors on hand, get a spectrum analyzer, and determine what HF compensation scheme works best for you killer app.

It replaces JBL part numbers: Please provide a valid price range. The horn’s exceptionally consistent horizontal dispersion eliminates the midrange narrowing and high frequency beaming hlrn typically associated with conventional horn designs.

These were built originally for the JBL Model studio monitor as well as many other applications. No cracks in the throat. How good is by today’s standards? Therefore they will need new voice coils. So please be assure your address in ebay is Correct and Valid. I am also having a problem finding a 240 of PH s. If You will want to get the video and pictures to email, You can always ask for it.

Please look at pictures for actual condition. I would like to use them with some old school horns, may be radials, to keep the “vintage” vibe. Shopping on our Ebay store by You.


JBL Horn Options – Suggestions Please – Page 2

It appears there is either wear or some corrosion to the coils that might be causing the lack of ohm reading. The same description for the appears in some of the older studio monitor cut sheets but those are still buried down in the shop. The A will remain relatively flat to about Hz but my listening position is only about 10 to 15 feet from the speakers and I am concerned that the hofn of the high frequencies will not be sufficient.

If you are pleased with this transaction. However, delivery times vary so please allow adequate time for your uorn to arrive before requesting a refund or replacement. No soldering needed and the diaphragm is self centering for an easy install.

If 2 diferent buyers buy them, first buyer will get the one with the jbl sticker.

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