Skip to main content. This is a great club although I did have to get used to it if you have trouble hitting a 3 wood and cant quite hit the lower lofted hybrids this is your club. I needed a new one because my old one broke. I get nice distance and high trajectory with this 5 wood and it fills my gap between 3 wood and 3 hybrid nicely. Maybe as a chipper.

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About 6 to 8 yrds shorter than my taylor r5. Why is this review inappropriate?

I found the club to be average, no better nor worse than others I’ve been houudini. But for most golfers, I am willing to bet that you will save far more strokes with this puppy than what you will sacrifice because of its designed limitations. Seniors usually have put their ego better in check, and so they are the ones most often using the Houdini, saving strokes, and kicking your behind with yard drives because they don’t make ego errors.

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Fortunately, he did not want this one, so I kept it and it i s one of the best clubs in my back. You can certainly spent more, and I have, but I have never experienced more improveement in my game with a club.

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This club is an extension of the Iron-wood lineup. For once, you can stand on the teebox and not tremble in fear. Looks good and hits good. I do not have a touredge driver yet. Skip to main content.

Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Houdini Driver

Initially, I bought this club because of the price I have Tour Edge Bazooka Drivers and 3 Woods as well and I highly recommend this series for mid to high handicap golfers, I’m not qualified to speak for low handicap, big hitters.

I find myself consistenly hitting this thing off the deck yds. The bottom line is you don’t have to sacrifice your first born child to pay for premium performance. I have houdiji regular and stiff flex Houdini, and I can hit the stiff in the range as well, many jmaxx Best thing about these clubs is the confidence that they give those of us marginal players.

Tour Edge JMAX Houdini 18 Degree 5 Hybrid Senior Flex Graphite | eBay

These factors contribute to the accuracy of value information and should be factored into your assessment. The Tour Edge Houdini driver was created to solve some specific problems that average recreational players have — getting off the tee and into the fairway consistently, without embarassing yourself e ither with a houddini slice, whack, or having to resort to your “unmanly” 3 wood.

Today Tour Edge is one of the fastest growing manufacturers, and in made the list of the Top 40 manufacturers in Golf Pro Magazine.


For me it means consistent contact and well struck shots. I was originally for for a club for a friend of ours, when I found this little beauty and deceided to get it whether he, wanted it or not. It is essentially a giant 3 wood, a houdjni size head, with hoduini huge, sloping 16 degree face that looks like a cliff.

Reviews: Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Houdini Hybrid, Utility Club Golf Club | eBay

I’m happy to report the Houdini jmaxx woods are just as good nice quality construction, too. I have played with this club twice now and like it a lot.

I also found that it an be hit off the fairway and light rough as long as the ball is sitting up. Skip to main content. I own other Tour Edge clubs and have been very pleased.

It has a 16 degree loft which is good for a high handicapper like myself. Great until it breaks. I love Bazooka I was originally for for a club for a friend of ours, when I found this little beauty and deceided to get it whether he, wanted it or not. For recreational players with huge slices, you can’t go wrong. Tour Edge makes a great product.