Finally my PC got up to speed! This Logitech M optical mouse offers precise and reliable navigation at an affordable price! I was very disappointed to find out that not only did it lack the automatic mode switching, but also that the mode switch was hard-wired to the scroll-wheel button and could not be redefined to another button, i. Just last week, I was talking to a friend whose neighbor had all their bank accounts emptied on line by some unknown thief. I am so glad someone is finally asking the customers.

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Direct Download Success Stats: Currently ,we are using the MX because it offers many buttons that allows each radiologist to customize to their preferences. Please, revise setpoint completly with your next product cycle. I like the idea of the Nano line mousenan mice, particularly the size of the reciever. A switch on the device bottom would make it easier than mousing about a setup many people can not find mousman all the different computers with Administrator barriers.

Re: What is best driver for Logitech MouseMan M-CV46

If you Logitech people want to make a killer gaming mouse………. One desktop, one laptop and one spare. Major ball users All those with Carpal Tunnel syndrom are far better off using a large trackball in place of any mouse. Kind of a pain in the ass navigating in Windows without a mouse. Our top tips and questions to get you started quickly.


Re: What is best driver for Logitech MouseMan M-CV46

The features a 3-button design and a high-definition dpi optical tracking to ensure accu Your new ones the person testing them has a small hand and when I m-cv64 using them it makes my hand have to concave to much and is extremely uncomfortable.

Logitech M Cv46 Workstation was fully scanned at: We want to hear from you and encourage comments, critiques, questions and suggestions. Reasons for your score: Here’s where you can download Free!

It has that thing to receive the signal…. If so, then please create a bluetooth mouse that matches the standards of the rest of your top selling mice!

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Logitech Mouseman M-CV46 4 Button Ball Mouse PS2- Cables & Connectors

Sure a device connector might be a source of problems, it needs to be a better design than the mini USB. As a trackball addict for two decades I am now at a loss. Would you use this site again?: Thank you for reading! Fanciful patterns, dreamy colo Allow a mouse to work on an small incline without rolling backwards.

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Most likely, you ned a custom driver. No messing around with cords, the mouse works via a unifying The Marble Mouse is a great product, by the way. Just seconding several other replies.


Logitech mouseman m-cv46 driver Fast M-fv46 mouseman m-cv46 driver We love to send out surveys and hold focus groups to learn what people think about our products.

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX uses Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking technology to provide precise cursor control on virtually any surface, even glass tables 4mm minimum thickness where optical an There is a lot to be desired on the software front, and I often find myself resorting to the default Windows driver, and loosing many of the promised functionalities.

No messing around with cords, the mouse works via a unifyin Just making your drivers avaliable to RedHat, Ubunto etc.

Yes, there could be slight improvements but essentially it is still the best thing available for me for all logitecch I use it for. Another idea is offer logitech points which can be used it later as discount bonus on logitech products bought from logitech e-store or selected e-retailers such amazon.