And finally, my USB devices didn’t auto-mount – oh well. Some years ago if you asked me about KDE’s flagship application I would say amarok but for the last couple of years the answer is first digiKam and second amarok! This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Quick, someone tell Patrick! A few key components are Linux kernel 2.

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I wish you a good time at the beach Ladislav!

Download MD5 from here: From it one can configure their network, manage users, customize precompiked desktops, configure hardware, and lots more. Elpanel has menus and icons to control the look and feel of the system, do some user configurations and general administration. It comes back and says no kernel was found will have to build a kernel module or something like that. These were not actually available causing the boot process to stop. Great people, great app!

One of the questions that came up was the reason for the relatively low rank currently 4th of Fedora on DistroWatch’s page hit statistics. I have no problem with the distribution itself, it’s just that the management needs some preocmpiled.


Submitted by qpal not verified on Fri, There are about changes in the new IPFire version: Go commercial and that’s it. Thank you for all your work and for this great application.

The test releases prior to PCLOS were needed because it had been re-based and re-built, because we could no longer compile stuff with the v3 compilers. I really do not get this. All on top of a fine-tuned and easily customizable KDE 4. Maybe you download virus definition files to your Linux desktop, then reboot into Windows to install them.

Just my humble opinion. Making a DE that’s not circled around gnome, kde and xfce is rare, so Elive deserves a well earned bravo! It crashed when it was closing. Assigning a color profile to TIFF images does not work anymore precomiled 0. Crash at right-click image while moving pics in background. The problem with an upgrade of Fedora from say FC6 to F7 is that too many things may break, because Fedora is more about implementing new technologies than about backwards compatibility.

Installing NVIDIA drivers – Hardware –

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Precomoiled, I guess DistroWatch is interested in having the more visits as possible too I do not even have the ability to go to console.


Why go to the trouble of knowing what software you’ve installed when you can cast such annoying concerns aside and–wait for it–be closer to the top rankings in Distrowatch!

Search Distributions Important Note. Digikam is THE killer application on Linux. Peecompiled Installed System I wasn’t able to locate a menu entry for the installation of Elive to a hard disk.

Posted August 12, That’s what I hate about upgrading, you never know what might not work any more.

Merry Christmas : digiKam 1.0.0 is thereā€¦

Tags in db but not in IPTC. I have no problem with the Elive developer wanting to make money out of his hard work, but then he should be straightforward 440z it and go commercial, instead of playing these ridiculous “you must donate” and “feel guilty if I starve to death” games.

Saying that “he is simply not worthy. What no review of the first release of Slackware that ships the 2.