This seems to apply only to early 1. This priority prevents accidental touches from your finger or hand being interpreted as input. When running the Setup you will see a series of screens all with instructions on how to proceed forward with the installation. This mode is the default mode for Pen controllers. General Instructions Before installing the package, read below to see if any of these special situations apply to you. Normally, a touch produces a left click.

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User guide | 3M™ MicroTouch™ Software MT 7 User Guide

Touch the target firmly and precisely with your fingertip. Make sure no other applications are open. If they do, you may need to edit the Install script.

Click Test to preview your choices. Micrtoouch Process To perform a point linearization of the sensor: In general, you will not need to adjust the Sensor Frequency.

Review the section on “Other Options” under “Installation” for details. Do not pull on or stress flex tail.

Complete the software setup and reboot your system. If your SELinux is in a directory other than these, change the definition of one of these variables. For example, drawing a curve inside a draw application may produce ragged mh and the cursor may lag behind.


Some of the possible messages include: The installation process requires write access to various system directories. Here, the X must be uppercase. Lifting off is equivalent to releasing the mouse button.

Choose a driver based on what will suit micdotouch needs best.


mocrotouch You can set a new operating frequency, and then check the performance of the touch sensor at that frequency setting.

Before installing MT microtouuch software, you must complete the appropriate hardware connections for your controller. Pen Mode defines whether the touch sensor recognizes input from both a pen and a finger, from a pen only, or from a finger only.

If you are not currently using the pen for your touch application, use Finger Only mode for optimum system performance.

3M™ MicroTouch™ Software MT 7 User Guide |

To draw, simply touch the sensor and drag your finger or pen. When the system shuts down, these files are restored to their original state. Hold a steady touch over the target until you hear a beep or until the target turns red. Microtkuch only required component is the MT 7 Touch driver. For example, you can define the following preferences: Face the display directly.


You do not want lines to look key stoned or curved. Controller ID values can be as simple as, and Testing the Newly Selected Frequency Any time you adjust the Sensor Frequency you should test how the sensor is working and verify you are satisfied with the operation of the touch sensor. After touching the sensor, quickly lift the pen and release the button.

When the installation finishes, it creates a recording file, setup. This mode is the default mode for Pen controllers. Repeat these instructions for additional calibration targets.

Once the IDs are set, you are done. Welcome The first screen you will see is one welcoming you to the Setup wizard.